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It’s that time of year again – the time where everyone’s knee deep in New Year’s Resolutions and hope for a better year. For some, the challenge of change propels us onward. It solidifies our belief that this year is the year: the year we will overcome all our struggles and create sustainable habits. For others, the idea of doing something different brings anxiety, pushing us out of our comfort zones and right into the unknown. But if things stay the same, they won’t get any better. Embracing change is a key to dealing with anxiety.


Embracing New Opportunities

Change is often hard and uncomfortable, which is why most of us dislike it. However, the rewards true transformation brings do not come without doing something different. We can allow the idea of change to create anxiety, or we can reframe our perspective. Embracing change allows us to see those challenges as new opportunities. 

We also don’t have to completely overhaul our entire life overnight. How many of us have tried to quit something cold turkey and found it nearly impossible? Humans aren’t meant to go zero to a hundred the way racecars do. The most lasting, sustainable change is the change that is done in small increments, creating realistic, doable changes within your lifestyle. It might feel like taking baby steps but over time they compound on top of each other and make a huge difference. 


Embrace the Process of Change

Resolutions without a mindset shift tend to have one thing in common: they don’t stick. After a couple of weeks, or months, we lose energy for the gym, or sleep through our alarm, or decide that cupcakes are the only thing we want for lunch. And then we think, “well, I missed yesterday, what’s another day?” If we can’t do it perfectly, why bother?

But not everyday is going to be 100% when doing a new thing. Some days a car might not start, or maybe there’s a giant snowstorm and the power went out, or perhaps those nachos were just a little too tempting. The key is to stick with it. Whatever goal is made, there has to be a commitment regardless of current outcome. It’s

the commitment to the process, to changing our ways, our behaviors and mindsets, that truly transforms us. 

We tend to focus on the outcomes of our goals – losing weight, building muscles, getting up earlier. But really it is our commitment to the process that is most important. The change in our mindsets and habits is really what will transform our lives. Those goals are typically byproducts of that commitment. 


A Renewed Mind Transforms

The only way to have transformative change in our lives is to renew our minds. Romans 12:2 says to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” In other words, “let God transform you into a new person by changing the way that you think” (NLT). A renewed mind has different thought patterns than before. A renewed mind can see change as a new opportunity, rather than an anxiety-inducing challenge. A renewed mind is able to maintain transformation. 

Every part of sustainable change starts with how we think. Our actions and behavior stem from our thoughts and beliefs, so those have to be the first thing that change. It can be scary to do something new, but allowing God to renew our minds can help.


You’re Not Alone; We’re Here to Help

Change doesn’t have to create anxiety or despair, and it doesn’t have to be done alone. True transformation takes time, work, and patience to be sustainable. Let’s bring about transformative change together. Don’t hesitate to connect and learn more about treatment or therapy for anxiety – because you deserve for things to get better. 

Embracing change doesn’t have to be solitary. Together, we can deal anxiety, fear, and worry. We would love to work with you on this journey to transform.


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